Job Description

  • Supervising the manufacturing processes, ensuring quality work is done in a safe, efficient manner.
  • Liaising with other engineers to develop plans that improve production, costs, and labor required.
  • Diagnosing problems in the production line and providing recommendations and training.
  • Establishing safety procedures and protocols that take the workers’ well-being into account, and that also minimize the carbon footprint.
  • Keeping abreast of advancements in engineering and production, and sharing knowledge with co-workers.
  • Identifying, documenting, and reporting unsafe practices.
  • Drawing up production schedules and budgets for projects.
  • Scheduling meetings with relevant departments and stakeholders.
  • Analyzing all facets of production and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Obtaining any materials and equipment required.

Job Number 01

  • Job Profile:- Production Engineer(Injection Moulding)
  • Qualification:- Diploma, B.tech in mechanical
  • Location:- Sector 59 Faridabad
  • Salary:-25k-35k (Depend on interview)
  • Gender:-  Male
  • Experience:- 5-10 Years
  • Contact Person:- 8920508558,9136437977(Makhija Placement)

Job Number 02

  • Job Profile:- Production Engineer
  • Qualification:- Diploma, B.tech in mechanical
  • Location:- Sector 69 Faridabad
  • Salary:-25k-30k (Depend on interview)
  • Gender:-  Male
  • Experience:- 2-3 Years ( Machine Shop company)  
  • Knowledge:- Autocad
  • Contact Person:- 8920508558,9136437977(Makhija Placement)